Malaysia 22 June 2020

5 Easy Steps for Malaysian Investors: Accessing ECF Opportunities on Fundnel Malaysia


A simple guide for creating an account on Fundnel Malaysia

If you are based in Malaysia, signing up as an investor on Fundnel grants you access to exclusive equity crowdfunding (ECF) investment opportunities in growing Malaysian companies. We’ve prepared a short video below or if you prefer written instructions, read on for a simple 5-step guide that walks you through creating a free account.

1. Sign up

With your name, email address and a password.

Sign up here

2. Select your primary activity on the platform:

Invest, raise funds or sell your existing private company shares.

3. Select Malaysia as your current country of tax residence

And state if you are a member of the Malaysia Business Angel Network (MBAN).

4. Declare your investor status

Select the status that best applies to you.

5. Personalise your investment preferences (Optional)

Select the industries, regions, deal structures, stages of fundraising & average investment amount that best fit your investment strategy.

You’re all set to explore the live ECF deals on offer. Welcome to Fundnel!