Investors 08 September 2021

Bitcoin Investing: Opportunities, Risks and Strategies


Catch a recap of Fundnel's webinar with a presentation by Fintonia Group and panel discussion with Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC on the opportunities, risks, and different bitcoin investment strategies

In 2010, Bitcoin (BTC) was merely a growing discourse amongst the fringes of technologists, worth literally $0 when the first official cryptocurrency exchange was launched. At the time of this publication, over 18 million BTC is in circulation, with a total market cap of over USD900 billion; global investment banks have begun to offer crypto-related products to high net-worth clients, and even more have invested in the wider blockchain ecosystem.

It’s fair to say that BTC is fast becoming mainstream amongst investors willing to ride its market volatility to potential profit. As more investors look to diversify their portfolios by investing into the most widely known cryptocurrency, more questions around its risks, compliance, and market volatility abound.

We recently hosted a presentation by Fintonia Group and panel discussion with Adrian Chng, Founder and Chairman of Fintonia Group and Joel Seow, Director at Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC. Watch the recording above to catch a recap of:

  • Adrian’s presentation on the state of Bitcoin investments today — 1:19
  • Why global financial institutions have now had a change of heart from 12 years ago, and are now exploring Bitcoin as an investment option for their clients and themselves — 23:28
  • What the crypto investing environment looks like today from a legal and regulatory perspective — 27:02
  • How Singapore’s regulatory requirements with regards to cryptocurrency has evolved to keep up with investor interest while safeguarding investor capital — 30:21
  • How Fintonia manages the risk of investing in bitcoin while balancing out potential returns for their sophisticated investors — 36:19
  • How the cryptocurrency investments space will continue to evolve, specifically in relation to Bitcoin — 40:25
  • From a regulatory perspective, how the cryptocurrency investments space will continue to evolve 42:03

Our panelists also fielded some sophisticated questions from the audience during the Q&A session, including:

  • The spread from exchanges and pricing in different countries varies up to 10-20% of the 'quoted prices'. How can investors ensure they are entering at the best possible pricing — 45:21
  • How will El Salvador’s decision to make Bitcoin legal tender affect the value and stability of Bitcoin? What weight will successful implementation or failure of this policy have on the global Bitcoin market? — 47:45
  • Can individuals (both foreigners and PR/Citizen holders) have Institutional Custodians like Fidelity hold Bitcoins with Legal Insurance covering the value of the asset in FIAT in a jurisdiction like Singapore for payout incases if Bitcoins are lost from custody (stolen, hacked etc)? — 49:31

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