Fundnel Spotlight 27 March 2020

Fundnel Spotlight — Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain in ASEAN


Fundnel's Director of Investments shares insights on the core factors driving innovation in the transportation, logistics and supply chain ecosystem in ASEAN

As a private investment platform, one of Fundnel's raisons d'être has been to reduce asymmetry between startups raising capital and investors allocating funds, creating a private capital market that is highly efficient. To elevate this further, we've embarked on a collaboration with Enterprise Singapore to be a key organising partner for Deal Fridays 2020.

Deal Fridays 2020

Jointly organised by Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Deal Fridays is a platform for deal-making opportunities as a lead up to the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) x Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) 2020.

Deal Fridays consists of a series of carefully curated and targeted investor/corporate-startup matchmaking sessions, specifically tailored to sectoral themes.

Demystifying Complexities

Today marks our inaugural presentation to curated investors attending the maiden Deal Fridays session, centred around transportation, logistics and supply chain. Leveraging market insights supplemented with Fundnel's data-driven approach to startup investment evaluation, our Investments team has crafted a primer on the sector, and shared our thoughts on the technological trends we have been seeing in the space.

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on a complex ecosystem, and break down how tech buzzwords like blockchain and IoT fit into this space. By showcasing these game-changing technologies that are spurring growth and driving transparency and efficiencies in the sector, we ultimately hope to provide greater insight and understanding into the investment opportunities available.

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