Events 26 March 2021

Family Offices 2021 Private Investment Strategies: A Roundtable Recap


As the ASEAN region comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fundnel speaks with leaders on private market opportunities for family offices in a post-pandemic world.

As the region eases out of the COVID-19 pandemic, our belief in the future of private investments is buoyed by growing interest in the space from family office investors within our network.

We were honoured to have Han Wee Tan, Partner, Wealth & Asset Management Consulting at EY Singapore moderate a discussion with Carlos Camacho, Head of Investments Development at Fundnel, Huiting Koh, Partner at Altara Ventures, and Marco Cora, Managing Director at Azimut Investment Management on private market opportunities for family offices in a post-COVID world.

Watch the discussion above for an hour of insights including:

  • How private investing for family offices has transformed during and coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic [2:50]
  • Lessons learnt from previous crises that paralleled the global pandemic [11:25]
  • How family offices can steer their portfolio companies to spur value creation, operationalise better through and beyond the pandemic, and fuel the startup ecosystem [17:34, 20:43]
  • Trends in family office developments and investment strategies in a COVID-19-induced socio-economic environment, such as ESG and impact investing, and the factors driving sustainable investments [23:01]
  • Trending capital allocation strategies in the private capital markets between funds, direct investments and co-investments going forward [27:53]
  • How family offices are viewing investment allocations in early versus growth-stage companies, and how they are leveraging the expertise of funds to get a headstart [32:31]
  • How platforms can facilitate better access to quality deal flow for family offices, via lowered minimum investment sizes, screening and curating investments efficiently, and exposure to new forms of alternative assets like luxury and blockchain [36:03]
  • Thematics around private investments — opportunities around crypto/blockchain technology and luxury investments, which Azimut Investment Management and Fundnel are facilitating respectively [43:52]. Look out for a brief perspective on NFTs and a discussion on whether this is a bubble!

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