Investors 02 August 2021

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After a tumultuous year, investors have found their groove as they ride the wave of the vaccine-fuelled economic recovery. S&P Global Market Intelligence reported that over 70% of APAC private equity professionals have expressed a bullish outlook on transaction volume in 2021. With an estimated USD1.9T in dry powder globally, a low-interest-rate environment, and promising new opportunities in the market, the hunt for good assets will only grow more competitive.

Fundnel's Private Capital Markets (PCM) team has embarked on a new initiative to help our investors capitalise on burgeoning private market opportunities. Our new bi-weekly updates provide accredited investors in our network a better understanding of the relevant macroeconomic trends driving private investments in the region, so they can navigate the evolving market with dexterity and ease.

Alongside wider market updates, accredited investors are also able to actively access primary and secondary investment opportunities in our pipeline.

Whether you're an investor searching for new businesses or technologies to back, or to add value to your existing portfolio, our new bi-weekly updates will offer you the boost you're looking for.

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