Malaysia 30 April 2020

Malaysia Resource Round Up — COVID-19-related Financing for Startups and SMEs


Access information specifically related to equity and debt financing and grants to tide over the impact of COVID-19 on Malaysian businesses

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has announced a number of regulatory and supervisory measures. These measures aim to boost the efforts of banking institutions in supporting individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations in Malaysia to tide over this challenging time.

Building on our commitment to rally behind the companies we work with to raise capital, we have put together a non-exhaustive list of resources for business owners to swiftly access information related to equity and debt financing, grants, as well as initiatives that support business continuity, recovery, and growth:
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and we stand united with our community, the founders we are supporting as well as their investors.

If you know of a service that should be included in this list, please reach out to us at

Here's a brief primer on the types of financial assistance available for  Malaysian SMEs and corporations:

1. Enabling deferment and restructuring of loans/financing facilities

  • Loans/financing to individuals and SMEs
  • Loans/financing to corporations

2. Ensuring ample liquidity conditions

3. Implementing additional supervisory and prudential measures

An additional slew of measures were subsequently released to enhance this support.

1. Enhancements to financing facilities to assist affected SMEs, safeguard jobs and support growth

  • Increase in allocation of Special Relief Facility (SRF) from RM 2 Billion to RM 5 Billion
  • Increase in allocation of the All Economic Sectors Facility from RM 5.8 Billion to RM 6.8 Billion

2. Programme to support the B40 segment in generating sustainable income and achieving financial resilience (iTEKAD)

3. Relief measures for affected policyholders and takaful participants

  • Deferment of payment of life insurance premiums and family takaful contributions
  • Extension of flexibilities to reinstate or preserve life insurance and family takaful protection
  • Flexibility to meet general insurance premiums and general takaful contributions
  • Expedited claims processing
  • Additional Regulatory and Supervisory Measures

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